Never Together, 2009

3 men - 2 women

Tsimaras Tzanatos

Two people living in a foreign place (Germany), come together in despair: he is a man with a past and no future (Tsait); she is a woman with a future that does not want to become past (Sibel). He has decided to put an end to his life; she has decided to start a new life. They meet by accident. Only their common ancestry (Turkey) connects them. Everything else separates them.

They will mirror each other, in a love that is essentially a search for identity. A love that will lead them to the only substantive land of the ‘I’: the Other. Around them uprooted persons – stigmatised by love and with shattered identities – will both prevent and assist them: Nikos through a hidden love that scares him, and Selma – an emblematic woman – who is forever scarred by love.

In a world where identities are strictly fixed, everything will turn out fatal. The end will be violent.

The play is inspired by Fatih Akın's film Gegen Die Wand/Head On.


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                                                                                   [Translation: Elena Delliou]

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