Suspense, 2011

1 man - 1 woman (or 2 men)

Tsimaras Tzanatos

Excluded from the world, a man narrates his dark encounter with his own self. Trapped in a dollhouse with not enough space, he lives alone; no job, no money, no food, no relations: only memories of the past, and the shadows of the world that grows bigger and bigger around him, rendering him insignificant. An eerie female presence next to him helps him remember. Everything he has forgotten. Everything he couldn’t bear. An untimely adulthood that turns into a film noir. A retrospective-representation that raises questions.

And question marks. Who is he? Who is she? We - who are we? Outside the World, do we exist? And how did we “become” what we “are”? The answers are pending. Intolerably ...

Suspense is the adventure of discovering the multiplicity of the self through poetry. A comment on the inherent suspense of human existence.


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Suspense, 2011

1 man - 1 woman (or 2 men)

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                                                                                   [Translation: Elena Delliou]

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