-C-, 2013

8 - 10 men

Tsimaras Tzanatos

As in C.orydallos. As in C.osmos

A group of people – categorized and without identity – are stacked in a place. Through personal narratives-monologues they become a team, converse, and also fare in parallel, discovering their common links. At times as Chorus and others as Messengers of past events, they tell a dark tale-an allegory about Man and the Cosmos.

- C - started as an attempt to de-demonize HIV-positivity, with the help of a group of inmates in Corydallos prison, whose disease cut them off from all the others. The aim was to remove the additional stigmatization that their disease imposed on them – already being impaired by the stigma they bear as prisoners. The challenge was to disentangle "reality" from suffocating phobias, through a play – theatrical project that would involve personal stories, in order to reveal their common elements. However, the illness was only the guise in a series of arbitrary categorisations of these people who were classified in the dark part of society.


Miss MISERY, 2014

3 men - 4 women

-C-, 2013

8 - 10 men

How Many Animals Constitute a Man?!, 2012

2 men - 1 woman (or 3 men)

Suspense, 2011

1 man - 1 woman (or 2 men)

Never Together, 2009

3 men - 2 women

Exodus, 2004

2 women



                                                                                   [Translation: Elena Delliou]

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