Bella Venezia, 2005

5 male - 4 female

Yiorgos Dialegmenos

Bella Venezia is the story of a unique love triangle, set in 1908; a young widow who gets remarried in order to find security, a man who cannot openly express himself in his own house, and Venetia – a girl in her teens. Venetia is a creature different from the other girls of her age; she strays from the mainstream and the established beliefs, and her dream is not to create a conventional family. She forms her ideas about life through her readings and the relationship she develops with her stepfather. The characters come to life with the help of the elderly domestic assistance who, years later, is “reading” Venetia’s memories in the house’s attic.


Mommy Mother Mom, 1979

2 male - 3 female

Bella Venezia, 2005

5 male - 4 female

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4 male - 4 female

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2 male - 1 female

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3 male - 3 female

The Night of the Owl, 1998

5 male - 5 female



[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Yiorgos Dialegmenos’ theatre is an individual’s attempt...