Mommy Mother Mom, 1979

2 male - 3 female

Yiorgos Dialegmenos

1979. A few years after the Greek Military Junta. Athens’ face is changing, largely because of the practice of the exchanging of land and houses with apartments in blocks of flats. An elderly mother is urged by her sons and their brides to trade in her house. Although she initially tries to resist, at the end she succumbs and gives her approval.


Mommy Mother Mom, 1979

2 male - 3 female

Bella Venezia, 2005

5 male - 4 female

I Kiss your Face, 1985

4 male - 4 female

Don't Listen to the Rain, 1989

2 male - 1 female

Because of the Face, 1993

3 male - 3 female

The Night of the Owl, 1998

5 male - 5 female



[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Yiorgos Dialegmenos’ theatre is an individual’s attempt...