The city, 1965

2 male – 1 female

Loula Anagnostaki

One act play. Kimon and Elisavet, who constantly move from town to town in an effort to escape their dark past, are searching for ways to co-exist and get along with one another in the present. In each city, the couple is looking for a victim, a person who will help them and their procedure. As soon as the victim is chosen, the game begins; a tiring, psychological game that will inevitably result in despair. Their newest victim is a strange photographer, who takes pictures of people pretending to be dead. The photographer, who uses this reconstruction as a means to overcome death, will fall victim to his own device.


The Parade, 1965

1 male – 1 female

The city, 1965

2 male – 1 female

Antonio or The Message, 1972

4 male – 4 female

The Cassette, 1982

4 male – 4 female

The Sound of the Gun, 1987

3 male – 3 female

Diamonds and Blues, 1990

3 male – 4 female

Deep Red Sky, 1997

1 female (Monologue)

The Victory, 1978

7 male – 5 female (minimum number of actors: 5 male – 3 female)

The Journey Away, 1995

1 male – 3 female

The Overnight Stay, 1965

1 male – 2 female

The Interaction, 1967

4 male – 4 female



Loula Anagnostaki’s work constitutes a series of heroic chants towards the exit, a series of humble hymns to freedom. The focus of her playwriting ...