Little Red Riding Hood - The First Blood, 2014

2 male - 4 female

Lena Kitsopoulou


A theatrical adaptation of the infamous brothers Grimm fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”, on which the playwright attaches the sub heading “The first Blood”, inspired by the 1982 American action movie “Rambo – The first Blood”, starring Sylvester Stallone.

Though remaining faithful to the sequence of the scenes in the fairytale, the heroes in the play deliver a completely different performance, overturning the expectations and prior knowledge of the audience. The fairytale acts as a foundation helping us to determine our everyday routine, which suffocates us, condemning us to an eternal commitment of playing the role of ourselves over and over again. The heroes are characterized by a high yet slightly exaggerated level of futility; when a fake tree invades their home, the deconstructed characters speak their minds and at the same time attempt to narrate the well known story of Little Red Riding Hood. In the play, the character is no longer the stereotypical representation of “good” that teaches children not to talk to strangers because they will be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf; the playwright defies the stereotype of the ideal, peaceful man with fairytale traits, inviting the audience to embrace the “evil” existing within them instead. 



Is she really the most important "angry" playwright of her generation, an original representative of the Greek "in-your-face" dramaturgy? Up to now...