The King Stag, 2003

8 men - 3 women

Xenia Kalogeropoulou

Based on Carlo Gozzi’s Il Re Cervo.

Duradade the Great, a formidable wizard, entrusted King Deramo’s father with two dreadful secrets. The good-hearted and gullible Deramo, having inherited only his crown and these two dreadful secrets that protect him, looks for a woman that will marry him because she really loves him. He sees a lot of candidates but it is the first secret that helps him finally choose the appropriate woman. But, the horrible Tartalia, his prime-minister, who wants to have his daughter married with King Deramo and he, himself, to get married with the woman Deramo loves, makes Deramo reveal him his second dreadful secret. During a magic night in the woods, Tartalia will implement a horrible plan and will take Deramo’s place using that second secret. But in the end, Tartalia’s plan will be unveiled and love will triumph!

The play has been written in collaboration with Thomas Moschopoulos.



Ulyssindbad (Odyssevach), 1981

27 (4 women, 23 men) [Minimum number of actors: 7]

Bess (Eliza), 1989

33 (1 woman, 32 men) [Minimun number of actors: 12]

Beauty and the Beast, 1994

3 men - 4 women

The King Stag, 2003

8 men - 3 women

Sklavi (The Son of The Slave), 2000

24 [Minimum number of actors: 13]

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4 men - 3 women - 1 woman or man



Rebuilding the world from scratch and in the air[1]