Yum-Yum (Food), 2006

2 male

Sakis Serefas

For seven years, Joseph, a lonely student, and Big, a lonely bus driver, develop an unusual friendship. Sitting side by side in the school bus, they talk to each other, sharing secrets and experiences about happiness, love, memories, death as well as the ups and downs of life. For the student, the relationship functions as a preview, preparing him for the upcoming, adult life that awaits him; for the bus driver, it is an opportunity to reflect on and re-evaluate a life that won’t return. Seven foods represent seven initiatory stages, explained and offered one by one, by the bus driver to the student, while, in the course of seven years, the student is expected to discover the perfect taramas recipe.

The two friends are surrounded by a father who loves bridges across deep valleys, a mother who survives on nothing but wild rice, a grandmother who wears a pair of extremely modern red sneakers with air soles, an unbearably beautiful classmate and a group of immature boys. Some of the seven dishes served throughout the play are caper stuffed mackerel, rosemary snails, artichoke hearts with lemon, boiled sheep with frumenty and a chocolate candy filled with lamb fat. Which life lesson lies hidden inside each of the seven foods?

The play won the 2007 Karolos Koun Prize for Modern Greek play awarded by the Union of Greek Critics for Drama and Music.

In 2009, an English version of the play was staged at Tristan Bates Theatre in London by the Theatre Lab Company, directed by Eva Melas.



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Translation: Katerina Gournaropoulou

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