Melted Butter, 2008

2 male – 1 female

Sakis Serefas

What’s the connection between a crime of passion, a childhood friend, a hotel roommate and a coroner? Could they become the heroes of a strange book that will be written on stage? This is the question that pains an aspiring writer, as he attempts to unravel the dark web of incidents leading to the murder. It’s already been 40 years…

Loula wishes to escape from her life in a small provincial town. She believes that Tasos will help her.  When she realizes that he won’t be able to keep his promise, she dumps him and goes after her dream at Thessaloniki alone. Tasos is looking for her, wants her back but Loula is long gone.

Three actors tell a story of passion. The writer, Loula and Tasos narrate a true story, as true as anything can be since, as the writer says “…we all exist through the stories other people create about us. We are all part of a greater story, which we never get to hear the end of.

Inspired by a newspaper article written in 1960, Sakis Serefas approaches the events of a true story, but does so in providing us with a dimension beyond realism. The play touches upon the issue of fate and tragic irony and how innocence and seemingly harmless acts can result to guilt and sins.

The play was one of the official proposals submitted in the 28th International Festival Sarajevo in 2012 by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. It was also performed at Heidelberg Stϋckemarket (Heidelberg Market of Plays) in 2013. 


Mission to Planet Earth, 2007

6 male- 2 female - A litle girl

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Minimum number of actors: 4

Melted Butter, 2008

2 male – 1 female

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5 male - 3 female



Translation: Katerina Gournaropoulou

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