Seminar on Stupidity, 2008

1 male

Sakis Serefas

This tragicomic monologue is centered upon the final lecture delivered by a professor to a group of graduating university students that takes place at a technocratic college, where future big-shot company executives usually complete their studies. The lecturer’s “life-lesson” is in fact a delirium reflecting upon the diachronic value of stupidity as a remedy for the square and often merciless reasoning of our times.

The lecturer, using examples from history, philosophy, theatre, economic theories and the economic crisis, which plagues a large proportion of the southern countries of Europe today, argues that the dominion of absolute rationalism is in fact foolish and destructive to people’s lives.

During the play, he cites proverbial examples of stupidity, with the references varying from Musil, to Napoleon and George Bush, and from Shakespeare, to Paul Valery and…Bugs Bunny.

At one point during the lecture, he says: “An old, Arabian proverb suggests that stupidity is a divine gift, yet one that should not be abused. Do you think it is possible that a culture that created Algebra, the astrolabe, the pendulum and falafels could be so wrong about stupidity?”


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Translation: Katerina Gournaropoulou

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