The Road will take you, 2010

Minimum number of actors: 4

Sakis Serefas

A woman who sees the Earth steadily moving away from the moon. A young man who shares a cigarette and an unusual interaction with an old lady. A woman who finds herself trapped inside a car with a fly. Someone who is punching an empty bucket. A woman who dips cotton on burgers and then smells it. A man who wants to see the death of every cow in the world. A woman who lost her husband at the supermarket, forever. Someone who feeds pigeons pasta with his bare hands.

Stories of people who live in a big city; stories about tough times, that came across their path, when they were least expected, with relief coming as unexpectedly as well. Their common feature; they never give up. They fall and get back on their feet. Maybe not easily, but they do. Because they go wherever the road takes them.


Mission to Planet Earth, 2007

6 male- 2 female - A litle girl

The Road will take you, 2010

Minimum number of actors: 4

Melted Butter, 2008

2 male – 1 female

Aesop's Comix 2, 2014

2 male - 2 female

Live the Doubtful Life!, 2014

5 male - 3 female



Translation: Katerina Gournaropoulou

Sakis Serefas is undoubtedly a leading figure in the litera...