Phaethon, 2009

3 male - 2 female

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Phaethon is a one-act play that serves as a parable, introducing the archetypal rivalry of the son with the authoritarian father-Sun in the present time.

Domestic morbidity, terror and violence; the decay of the family’s social core. In Dimitriadis’ play, the ancient Greece and contemporary England blend into each other. 

An anatomy of the archetypal familial, social, political, divine and cosmic brutality; the only possibilities of salvation lie in resistance, disobedience, and the real or/and symbolic murder of every Father figure, of every authoritative imperative and emasculating violence.

The action unfolds in a modern middle-class living room in North London. A modern family is entrenched in its suffocating limitations: Hamnet Lom, Julie, Beth, Ann, Lelo; the parents, their two daughters and only son are the main characters,  while several others – from the wider friendly and family environment – are recalled through the narrative.

Lelo eventually escapes from the family grip, but only after he murders his father.

The play was first published in French, in 2009. In 2013, it was presented in a directed reading in Paris.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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