Interest, 2010

4 male - 4 female

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Life has no sanctity if one is to live and “produce” it like this play’s heroes do; traitors, 'macho' men, arrogant people, abominations who open sewers and are hungry for money. Men who pimp their wives, molest their daughters and copulate with their sons-in-law. Tessa believes that if her child is meant to have a father – and grandfather – like them, it should not be born; she decides to kill it with her bare hands. A baby is born and killed, while another does not even come into this world – it is slaughtered inside the mother’s belly. A new mother rejects her own child, while a pregnant woman impatiently expects her own.

"No one is spared ... the winners are losers and the losers even more losers». “You all have debts /nothing is free/ you will pay interest on what you got" screams Merlos, Tessa’s lover and accomplice. Interest and childbirth.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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