The Circle of the Square, 2009

8 male - 3 female

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Love is the basic pattern that Dimitriadis poses, exposes and transposes in this play, via a series of dysfunctional relationships which he pushes to their limits; a woman who left the marital home returns, and her husband avenges her with epic cruelty; a woman kills both her husband and her lover; a man shoots his psychotherapist/lover; the love triangle of the gay couple who share the same lover is proven utterly surreal: they kill and cut him up, so that each one can have half of his body.

The play is not exhausted in a mundane metaphor about passion as an impossible momentum, but explores the possibility of escape from the vicious circle. Thus the repetition; her role is other than to simply confirm Fate’s dominance.

There are four acts, each one “divided” in two: the square and the circle. We start with the square and finish in the circle.

Published and premiered in French, in 2010 – Odeon theatre, directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. Released in Greek in 2013, by Nefeli publications.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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