Cassandra’s Annunciation. Birth Announcement, 2009


Dimitris Dimitriadis

In Annunciation, Cassandra decides to negotiate herself her personal myth – which depicts her loveless and hostile to any erotic proposal –, radically disproving her commonly-known and well-established image. She turns into her opposite. Cassandra’s past situation is everyone’s past, and her present one is everyone’s present. The doomed past and invigorating present become, through her enthusiastic monologue, the opposite poles where every individual can find himself and be given the opportunity to choose which path to follow – it is all about personal choice, not external coercion. With her frantic narration, Cassandra shatters all past commitments, exposing their failure and declaring, as a fiery advocate, passion’s absolute prevalence in every person’s life.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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