Touching the Seabed, 2008

7 male - 3 female

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Five men, three women, two teenagers and two aliens – servants who never appear – are inside a luxurious manor house, whose foundations ail.

These people bear traumas and guilt, worship their ancestors and are trapped in verbal clichés. They all suffer; captives of private and ideological stereotypes, they are not allowed to transcend the setbacks of their lives. Disaster is imminent.

The two teenagers, the son and daughter of the people who own the villa, will – due to their suffocating confinement and strict supervision that constitute their training – identify with the aliens – already sacrificed by their employers. These two will be the only ones who will manage to escape at the very last moment, and flee away from the morbid situation.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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