Chrysippus, 2008

6 male - 4 female

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Dimitriadis builds his play around Euripides’ lost play Chryssipus. According to literary research, the ancient play was part of a trilogy that was also lost and nothing but two letters from the first verse have survived. It concerned the abduction of Chrysippus, Pelopas’ young and beautiful son, by Laios

Dimitriadis himself writes:

"Chrysippus is the embodiment of a person with an unparalleled and riveting beauty that masks the true face of the subject. Can this extreme beauty which is not the face but the façade, which masks the true self that remains concealed, be misleading?  And, can this other self, the hidden, the invisible one that is difficult to perceive from the start and is nearly always noticed in retrospect – when it is too late –, be nothing more than amorphous, unformed mater, than deformed flesh, than a perverse construct, than a – purely human but outright intolerable – abomination, refined only through an obvious, visible, superficial beauty that exploits this refinement to make way for deception, destruction and horror?”

The play has been translated into French.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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