The Stunning of Animals before the Slaughter, 2000

7 male - 2 women

Dimitris Dimitriadis

A play about a family’s path to destruction. Two people meet, fall in love and create a family; having for years maintained a delicate balance and tranquility, the couple’s life has evolved into an ancient tragedy.

A friend who feels betrayed utters something like a prophecy regarding the the future of his friend and his family. This morbid joke is the starting point for the family’s plight, since everything the friend predicted is now happening before their eyes. The family is dissolved and eventually destroyed due to incest. Their previous life is subverted, and the family collapses from within. It is an ordeal, a Calvary, with the stunned "animals" falling over and again to the ground, before the slaughter.

A second level of plot runs alongside the main story; three men of unspecified identity – named A, B and C – observe the family’s fate, without explicitly admitting that they are watching. They act as gods and have philosophical discussions, employing a pretentious language.

The play has been translated into French and Italian.



Translation: Elena Delliou


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