The Beginning of Life, 1995

3 male - 3 female

Dimitris Dimitriadis

In a poetic landscape somewhere in Greece, dominated by a supernatural fridge and an enormous library, six people – three women and three men – get together. Are they enemies, visionaries, paranoiacs, victims or killers? Through their conflicts, their desires and passions, their sarcasm and strife, the fall of Constantinople is revived in a bizarre reenactment. The fall triggers the emergence of a problematic regarding Hellenism’s fragmented identity.

All threads coexist and intertwine: modern Greece with the Byzantine Empire; the Constantinople’s fall with contemporary Europe; the war in the Balkans with an inner and interpersonal war; Konstantinos Palaiologos with Darius Fernazis; Romanos Dragazis with Mohammed the Conqueror; the supernatural refrigerator with Hagia Sophia.

The play has been translated into French (unpublished, titled Les Remplacantes).



Translation: Elena Delliou


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