The house with the Presents, 2001

3 female

Konstantinos & Antonis Koufalis

Three women, Eleni, Vasiliki and Ioanna take turns and narrate their stories. The personal tragedy of the first woman is embodied in the form of a tin nail that grew in the place of the old one. This nail is her armor, her defense. It will not only define her, but provide her with a solution… The second woman, Vasiliki, lives in a house where she is unable to breathe. An offspring of two problematic parents, she will take matters into her own hands when she realizes that her daughter is experiencing her own tragedy, lured by a doll…Ioanna is a teenager, a man trapped in a woman’s body. Soon she will defy her womanhood when, while disguised as a boy, she will become the object of affection of a girl her own age, the result of which will be tragic…

The play was awarded First Theatre prize 2001



On Absence or

Notes on the dramaturgy of Antonis and Konstantinos Koufalis