La Petite Mort, 2014

3 female (25, 35, and 45 years old)

Michel Fais

Three women and a male voice. Three women unfold the sexual mourning of a man, around a bed-grave; he breathes through eerie sound fragments, implicates them in his shattered life, and strongly supports his absence.

Three bacchanal mourners? Three comical, erotic ghosts? Three figures of an aphrodisiac masquerade?

The transfer on the stage was built upon three female characters, which can also be presented as a single person, ‘fragmented’ in three courses of fiery memory.

La Petite Mort [: little death/orgasm/state of anesthesia, melancholy or release] is an adaptation of a unique novel (Kterismata [Burial Offerings], 2012), which comprises of short stories, murmurs, monologues and crosstalk.


Autobiography of a Book, 1995

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La Petite Mort, 2014

3 female (25, 35, and 45 years old)

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The Stage Adventure of a Gaze