Someone to Hurt Them, 2012

2 male - 1 female

Michel Fais

People thrown in the middle of nowhere. Fragmented phrases. A timer on a table. The actors – a younger man, an older one, and a woman – enter the stage carrying their chairs. They switch places seriously, like puppets. With each change, one of the three sounds the timer. They sit facing each other, side face, or facing the audience. Over or under the table.

A comedy of despair about the meaning of speech, of silence, and of memory. Wrecks of erotic or family instances. Images of destruction, and a dreamlike sensation.


Autobiography of a Book, 1995

3 male – 3 female [Minimum number of actors: 2 men-3 women]

Married Couples, 2003

1 male - 1 female (on video)

The City on its Knees, 2006

3 male- 2 female

Greek Insomnia, 2006

1 male - 2 female

After our Last Words, 2011

1 male - 1 female

Feather Nothing, 2011

1 male - 2 female

Someone to Hurt Them, 2012

2 male - 1 female

La Petite Mort, 2014

3 female (25, 35, and 45 years old)

The Bench of Any, 2014

2 male -1 female (only her voice is heard)



The Stage Adventure of a Gaze