After our Last Words, 2011

1 male - 1 female

Michel Fais

The perpetual, consuming fight of a couple in a peculiar TV Studio. The woman is occasionally employed as a nude model at the School of Fine Arts, and the man creates crossword puzzles for newspapers. A home video that consists of the couple’s happy moments is screened. The boundaries between the private and the public realm are abolished in the name of television’s voracity. At times, the couple slips from the TV time and space to dreamlike and dark areas, and occasionally the man and the woman stray from the narrative, confusing the theatre spectators with the television audience.

Based on the short story of the same title, from the collection From the Same Glass and Other Stories (1999, revised reissue: 2011).


Autobiography of a Book, 1995

3 male – 3 female [Minimum number of actors: 2 men-3 women]

Married Couples, 2003

1 male - 1 female (on video)

The City on its Knees, 2006

3 male- 2 female

Greek Insomnia, 2006

1 male - 2 female

After our Last Words, 2011

1 male - 1 female

Feather Nothing, 2011

1 male - 2 female

Someone to Hurt Them, 2012

2 male - 1 female

La Petite Mort, 2014

3 female (25, 35, and 45 years old)

The Bench of Any, 2014

2 male -1 female (only her voice is heard)



The Stage Adventure of a Gaze