Brothers United, Never Defeated, 2009

13 Characters

Maya Delivoria

After having a fight on a Sunday, two brothers will experience an adventure in Page Town, a magical land where all the books are being kept. In order to be accepted in the brotherhood of Page Town, they will have to carry out a mission; they will have to cross the enchanted forest and protect their two favorite books, the fairytales of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Puss in Boots”.

The two brothers will face the book eating bat Kleonike, who enjoys eating the letters from the books, the woodworms who sate only by eating paper, Natalia’s waterfall, the fairy who tricks her potential victims and will eventually reach Pencil Land, where they will have to come up with an answer to a difficult question; Should they sacrifice one fairytale for a Cooking Guide and manage to return safe and sound to their room or should they take the risk and try to save the books from an impending disappearance?


The ABC of Adolescence, 2008

Minimum number of actors: 4 (2 boys- 2girls)

The Knight of Love, 2002

18 characters



Maya Delivoria writes plays for children and adolescents. I don’t know if she would write for adults if she did a...