The City on its Knees, 2006

3 male- 2 female

Michel Fais

In his studio, a photographer develops photographs for an exhibition he is organizing about the deranged, the immigrants and the homeless of the megalopolis, while at the same time he recalls his father’s recent death and their troublesome relationship. Along the way, his photographed exiles “come to life”; the photographer either reiterates their words, or engages in their dislocated dialogues.

The darkroom gradually becomes the dark zone of the city; the dark memory and desire. A poetics of the city, the mourning, the wandering and the reflection.

The play closes with Domenico Modugno’s lighthearted song "Volare", sang by the photographer and his photographic obsessions as they exit the stage.

The play is based on the photo album and book The City on its Knees, 2002.


Autobiography of a Book, 1995

3 male – 3 female [Minimum number of actors: 2 men-3 women]

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1 male - 1 female (on video)

The City on its Knees, 2006

3 male- 2 female

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1 male - 2 female

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3 female (25, 35, and 45 years old)

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2 male -1 female (only her voice is heard)



The Stage Adventure of a Gaze