Your Intangible Self, 2013

2 male

Vangelis Hatziyannidis

Sol, a contestant for the significant and coveted "Artist’s Award”, approaches Bork, a member of the jury. He claims that his work (a cube inside which amorphous images are projected) definitely deserves to be awarded. It may even possess a magical property: the images you see in there seem to photograph the very depths of your soul, your intangible self. Bork is absolutely infatuated, by both the project and the artist himself. He is, however, bound by a complex operational regulation, that compels the cancellation of Sol’s entry. As time passes, they increasingly entrap one another.

Elements of science fiction, psychological thriller, satire and political reflection are detected in this work, with the ending seemingly left open. The two heroes must fight and bend not only their opponent’s, but also their own resistance.


Cake, 2013

3 male, 1 female

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2 female

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3 male - 2 female

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1 female

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1 male - 2 female

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1 female (Monologue)

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3 male - 1 female

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1 male - 1 female (3 male - 1 female on video)



The Game of “Reality”


It should be stressed from the very beginning that it is difficult to introduce an art...