Cake, 2013

3 male, 1 female

Vangelis Hatziyannidis

Four tenants of a building meet at the caretaker’s apartment in order to find a solution to a trivial problem that lately disrupts their common life: discover who throws garbage bags from the balcony and mucks the pavement. Although they all deny their guilt, the offender is certainly among them. Could it be the one suspected from the very beginning – the foreign roommate? Is it the - above suspicion - writer of frivolous literature? How about the youngest of the company and great proponent of truth?

The question will not be left unanswered; the offender will be unmasked. In the course of the investigation the most sensitive and darkest aspects of the protagonists, old wounds and repressed wishes, will surface, while, at some point, the situation will become dangerous. From that day on, life in the building will not be the same.

Everything will take place in the small amount of time it takes to bake a cake. A comedy built on small personal dramas.


Cake, 2013

3 male, 1 female

Wind, 2011

2 female

Screen Light, 2011

3 male - 2 female

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1 female

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1 male - 2 female

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1 female (Monologue)

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3 male - 1 female

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1 male - 1 female (3 male - 1 female on video)



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