So, what?, 2002

3 male – 3 female

Peny Fylaktaki

Manos and Vaggelis are roommates.  So are Kelly and Anna.  They all live in the same block of flats but the boys and the girls have never met.  One night, Manos and Kelly accidentally meet in the town’s trendiest nightclub called “Pitch Dark” where, as the name suggests, customers cannot see one other at all; instead, they can only talk and hear one another.  The same night, there is a power cut in the block of flats.  In the dark, Anna and Vaggelis also meet and fall in love.  However, when the time comes for the couples to see each other in broad daylight, a series of misunderstandings takes place and each one meets the wrong ‘other’ half.  Manos and Kelly, who believe that image is all too important, are disappointed by Anna’s and Vaggelis’ appearance respectively and stop any flirting game.  Anna and Vaggelis are also disappointed by the behavior of the person standing before them which reminds nothing of the stranger the night before.  Meanwhile, the block manager strives to hold a party for all residents of the block in a personal attempt to promote human contact and fight alienation and loneliness, but in vain.  No one responds positively to his invitation, not even his own wife. Anna and Vaggelis give it another chance and arrange for a second meeting, which this time turns right and brings them together. That moment voices calling for help are heard as the block manager has just died.  In the havoc that follows, Manos and Kelly meet one another again and the issue of their identity is cleared, but unlike Anna and Vaggelis, they are afraid to risk starting a relationship and resolve to stay alone.

The play has been translated into English by Vassiliki Mitsiou




Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


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