The Will, 2004

9 male – 3 female

Peny Fylaktaki

(The play was inspired by D. Hatzis’ short story The professor’s will included in the short stories anthology The end of our Town)

The death of Rallides, the peaceful teacher of a provincial town, would otherwise have gone unnoticed if rumors didn’t have it that he left a significant amount of money to one of the city’s charitable organizations.  The name of the organization will be announced in two days upon the opening of the will.  This is sufficient time to bring into the open all secrets, corruption, and power obsession of the community’s public, political and religious authorities, whose sole purpose is to serve their personal interest. The Prefect, the Mayor, the Chief Editor, the Priest, the Judge, the town’s top Merchant, the Head of the Police, all plot against one another to affiliate themselves with the will’s content.  Liaratos, a retired army officer, further triggers these intrigues as his greatest joy in life is to inflame enmity. However, when the will is read in public, a big surprise awaits all: Rallides’ money fund will be given every year to the best High School graduate so that he can continue his studies in the University and become a dignified and useful member of society, who will yield to no blackmail and pressure. 



Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


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