The Championship, 2004

1 male - 1 female

Peny Fylaktaki

The Championship is a dark comedy for two actors playing four characters.  A man and a woman meet at a hotel room.  Their goal is to catch in the red their spouses who are having an affair and have been meeting in that hotel room on a particular day every week for an entire year.  Most of all, they wish to discover the truth behind the reasons of their infidelity.  While the two are waiting for the ‘adulterers’ and come up with various plans of surprising them, the family life of both couples unravels through flash-backs.  The unfaithful couple arrives but only to break up, and our heroes watch the entire breaking-up scene from their hiding place unable to put into practice any of their ambitious plans of revenge. When their spouses leave the room, they come out of their hiding place realizing that knowing the truth does not help unless you know what to do with it.

The play was awarded the State Prize of Theatre Play for Young Writers by the Ministry of Culture, 2004. The play has been translated in English by the writer and in Spanish by Maria Palaiologou.  It has been published in English in the American Theatre Volume The Mercurian: A Theatrical Translation Review (Vol.4, No.2, 2013).




Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


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