The Building, 2012


Peny Fylaktaki

A Building narrates its life from the first day people raised it upon its feet till today.  In a time span of 100 years it has changed many names: Central Market, Headquarters, shelter for fire victims, Central Bank, Command Post, Hospital, First State University, Police, abandoned building.  The building’s monologue parades a century of war and peace, disaster and hope, all witnessed by a manmade construction whose blessing of longevity is also its curse: it is forced to witness the circle of human history repeating itself.  Therefore, now that it has become a Theatre Hall, it has decided to talk to the people watching from their seats and ask the audience a huge favour: to bring it down so that it won’t have to stand witness to the same things for yet one more time.

The play has been translated in Spanish (by Dimitris Psarras and Marta Miguélez Sánchez) and in English (by Penny Fylaktaki, ed. by David Connolly)



Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


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