My beloved family, 2013

4 male – 3 female

Peny Fylaktaki

A theatre company which enjoyed glory and fame years ago, has now fallen into disgrace.  The company members, Jean the director, Adrianne, his former love and always lead actress, Evanthoula with avant-garde drama training, Vladimir, a veteran street theatre artist, Savvas who specializes in physical theatre and is dumb and Vivi, a young actress and Jean’s latest love conquest, risk losing their theatre.  The Church wants to close them down because of ‘their obscene spectacles in the recent years’;  the Teachers Board wants them out because they have not staged a children’s performance for over ten years; and the Italian Mafia wants back the money they lent them last month, or else they will burn the theatre down -with them inside.  In a desperate attempt to save their theatre and their lives, the company promises to stage three productions: a children’s play for the Board, a cabaret musical for Mafia’s 125year anniversary and a religious drama for the nuns of the local convent. In frenzy, the theatre group starts rehearsing on all three productions, but an unbelievable coincidence brings about a huge misunderstanding: on the opening night of the children’s play, the theatre hall is full not only of children, but also of Mafia members and nuns, all of whom believe it’s the opening night of their own performance.  What will the actors do?  The impossible, of course: before the eyes of their mixed audience, they will improvise and stage a performance which will successfully blend all three plays and satisfy their diverse audience! Can theatre magic help them?  One thing is certain:  as Jean, the director of the group says, “my beloved family, it’s show time”!



Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


Seaweeds by Peny Fylaktaki

Peny Fylaktaki is a playwright with a dynamic presence in the Greek theater over the past fifteen years. She holds a PhD in Theatre Translation and...