On the Highroad with High Beam Lights, 1997

2 men – 1 female

Michalis Virvidakis

The play takes place in a shack by the Highroad, a shanty between a cantina and a storage room for used spare parts for trucks, with three marginalized youngsters for protagonists. Their names: Lakis, Lolis and Lela. The play begins as the older brother, after some years of absence, returns there to meet his younger brother and his friend. Through this meeting, there gradually come to surface memories of their childhood, which compose a fragmented and enigmatic past, with the father's character standing out, who has recently died, and the mother's character, who has disappeared. As the image remains blurry and gloomy, the questions arise and uncertainty turns swiftly into threat. In a world that evolves and changes relentlessly, the shack's inhabitants must be able to present a persuasive image of themselves their history, or they run the danger of vanishing as the unauthorized buildings, due to the widening of the Highroad, but also due to the suspicions that burden them.

In the course of almost a day, somewhere on the Highroad, with voices that are almost smothered by the loud noises of the passing vehicles, two brothers untangle a thread seeking its edge. An edge hidden for years under the greasy dirt of the cantina shack.


About Nature, 2009

2 male – 1 female (and crowd)

The Moon and the Pound, 1987

2 male – 1 female



In Greek theatrical life, Michalis Virvidakis has been registered equally as an actor, a director, a writer, a drama teacher, and founder of a thea...