Dominatrix, 2009

2 male – 2 female

Dimitris Finitsis

The play follows the inner routes of four people, in an obscure modern setting, who experience a series of sufferings that take an immeasurable toll in them. Sexual violence shatters their dreams and diminishes their dignity and sense of “ego.” They comply with an unclear power that changes from scene to scene, a horizon –different in every scene- that guides them to inappropriate –according to common morality- actions. Nobody knows if what the word draws is part of reality, or if it is a figment of a morbid imagination, that has no limits and no constraints. The peer pressure and the animalistic carnal desire drives the heroes to intricate games, that simply assert the dead-end to which they have –willingly?- entered and, at the same time, they exacerbate their loneliness and the void that crashes them. In this situation, the television plays its own role, undeniably deceitful, presenting flawless relationships as ideal in the contemporary western world and calling upon economic prosperity. One of the “players” will renounce prematurely the cannibalism of this peculiar “coexistence” and the seeming structure will collapse, revealing a truth that may justify the heroes’ institutional behaviors. 


Deserted, 2011

1 male – 1 female. In the video: Manager, Secretary, Wife, Sister, Psychiatrist, DA, Reporter

Dominatrix, 2009

2 male – 2 female

Reduced Reflexes, 2005

1 male and 1 female or 3 male and 3 female

Northern Enigma, 2014

3 male - 1 female

Θεάνθρωποι, 2007

2 male - 2 female



[Translation: Elina Palaska]

Dimitris Finitsis wrote his first...