Milk, 2003

2 male - 2 female

Vassilis Katsikonouris

Rina and her two sons – Antonis and Lefteris – are repatriated Greek-Russian immigrants from Tiflida (Georgia), living in a basement apartment in Athens. In their everyday struggle for survival and social integration, Antonis – the oldest son – proves to be the most eager and ambitious; he finds a job at a gas station in Larissa (a city further North), provides for them and appears to have fully adjusted to the new reality.

Lefteris, the younger one, is lost somewhere between childhood and adolescence and, although he is now twenty years old, he stubbornly clings to the past. His pathologic nostalgia can be seen as either the result or the cause of a serious mental illness – early-stage schizophrenia. Although he is monitored by a doctor and a social worker he refuses to cooperate, does not take his pills, often has hallucinations and disappears for days.

Meanwhile in Larissa, Antonis gets engaged to Natasha, his boss' daughter; the couple’s trip to Athens in order for the girl to meet his family will be the turning point in everyone’s lives...

The play has been translated into English, French, German, Serbian and Polish.




Vasilis Katsikonouris is one of the most significant modern Greek dramatists. His writing and thematic are both substantial and original, and despi...