The Missing. An Interesting Life, 2005

1 male - 2 females

Vassilis Katsikonouris

Peter, a successful journalist in a major Athenian newspaper, leads a very comfortable and interesting life, traveling extensively and always having new experiences with his Cypriot wife, Mina. Having settled in Greece, Mina comes from a family where a person has been missing since the Turkish invasion. Her sister, Despina, arrives from Cyprus to take part in a protest for missing persons. The two sisters have not seen each other for many years, since Mina left to make the best out of her life and Despina stayed behind; captive of an oath she gave to their mother that she will never stop looking for her missing brother. Despina’s arrival and sudden death will act decisively on the couple’s "interesting" but meaningless and meandering life, bringing Mina and Peter face to face with themselves, their past and their choices.




Vasilis Katsikonouris is one of the most significant modern Greek dramatists. His writing and thematic are both substantial and original, and despi...