She Took Her Life in Her Hands, 2007

2 male - 2 female

Vassilis Katsikonouris

Andreas, a playwright married to Vera – herself a successful advertiser –, is in desperate search for a theme for his new play. His source of inspiration, the ideal “material”, will appear in the face of Fotini, his wife’s female cousin. Fotini, recently divorced and with many problems, has fallen in love with Charles, her psychotherapist. Unable to openly express her love, he writes him emails that she then sends to Vera. Inspired by these emails, Andreas will start writing his new play with Fotini as the main character; however, as her relation with her therapist remains stagnant, Andreas will not hesitate to push his wife into revealing Fotini’s love to the object of her desire. Charles himself will take her out on a date, because her medical case provides him with the ideal material for his doctoral thesis. Under the guise that they all want to help Fotini to "take her life in her hands," all three exploit her in order to serve their own purposes.




Vasilis Katsikonouris is one of the most significant modern Greek dramatists. His writing and thematic are both substantial and original, and despi...