The Atonement - Terra Transitionis, 2010

3 male

Vassilis Katsikonouris

In an unspecified space that is divided in two, a young man and a professor get together. A third man – the recorder – is waiting nearby, ready to write down everything that will be said during the meeting. The younger man has committed a serious crime; he has killed a woman – the professor’s wife – and awaits his punishment. Having read the professor’s books regarding the Divine Grace and Providence, the youngster requested this meeting in an attempt to atone for what he did and cope with the agony of what is about to follow. Confessing his crime to the professor, however, will bring to the surface hidden truths; it is the professor who craves even more for atonement.




Vasilis Katsikonouris is one of the most significant modern Greek dramatists. His writing and thematic are both substantial and original, and despi...