The Secret Recipe of Francesca Dreamer, 2000

1 male - 3 female

Angela Darlasi

Three women: the brunette housewife, the blonde secretary and the redhead lawyer, and their relationship with the same man (spouse, companion, lover). Upon his death, these three discuss the best way to present his death; each one of them will give a different version. When another man walks into their lives, will they react the same way?

It is a play about the faces and guises of a sexual relationship, and the entrapment of women and men in stereotypes. A black comedy that plays with "cooking", and male and female “fudging”.

The play integrates the dramaturgical use of multimedia.

2nd place award in the competition for New Greek Playwrights, organized by Notos Theatre and the General Secretariat for Youth.




Pieces, 2011

3 male - 3 female

When We Hid an Angel, 2009

Multiple characters (minimum cast: 5 – 3 male, 2 female)



Images of Reversal


Apart from being a theatre critic, filmmaker and writer, Angeliki Darlasi is also a serious dramatist, wit...