Cadenza for an Actor and a Violin, 2004

1 male - 1 violinist

Angela Darlasi

A man's need to feel important.

An artist's need to overcome mediocrity.

The "cursed" relationship of a musician with his art, as this unfolds through another musician’s life narrative – one who also acts as the hero’s alter ego. A leading character in the play is the "other" man, who never appears on stage.

This play is inspired by the life and work of composer Nikos Skalkotas. After a conscious dramaturgical choice which led to the specific dramatic form, he does not, however, exist as dramatic persona; his presence is indicated indirectly, through a violinist who remains hidden, playing live music whenever it is deemed dramaturgically necessary. 


Pieces, 2011

3 male - 3 female

When We Hid an Angel, 2009

Multiple characters (minimum cast: 5 – 3 male, 2 female)



Images of Reversal


Apart from being a theatre critic, filmmaker and writer, Angeliki Darlasi is also a serious dramatist, wit...