You Can Be Happy, 2008

2 male

Angela Darlasi

How does modern man “face” his future through fear? How is he transformed from a thinking man to a frightened, even terrified "sub-human", prepared to sacrifice every value in order to survive and to live “safely" in a nightmarish universe?

Two men invade a house trying to sell a package that can protect tenants from every possible danger. In their effort to sell whatever it is that they have come here to sell, they start revealing their unconventional relationship. No one knows who these people are: Insurance agents? - If yes, what kind of security do they provide? 

Travelling salesman? - If so, what exactly is it that they sell?

Saviors? - If that’s the case, what do the occupants of the house need rescue from, and how are they going to save them?

Who are they waiting for, and how do they know about the neighbor’s impending suicide?

Is this just a laid out game, or a theatrical farce, designed to scare?

The play unravels in a nightmarish atmosphere, projecting manipulation and "brainwashing" techniques as ways of developing and presenting characters, and aiming to lodge caustic comments about everyday life. The often grotesque situations discharge the nightmarish atmosphere, providing brief opportunities for "detachment".

This is a play within a play (written for house theatre) about the threat of the dominance of fear.

(For house theatre)




Pieces, 2011

3 male - 3 female

When We Hid an Angel, 2009

Multiple characters (minimum cast: 5 – 3 male, 2 female)



Images of Reversal


Apart from being a theatre critic, filmmaker and writer, Angeliki Darlasi is also a serious dramatist, wit...