Pieces, 2011

3 male - 3 female

Angela Darlasi

Storm. A merchant vessel is shipwrecked at sea, and a coach collides with a luxury car ashore. A doctor with amnesia, a girl that would like to be Miss World, a young man who wishes he was a pop star, a smuggler, and a rich woman who wants a child and is prepared to pay any amount of money; they all meet in a deserted beach (can be anyplace and anytime) where illegal immigrants often debark and is now filled with the damaged ship’s cargo.

Among the shipwreck, with each person trying to find and connect those pieces that will – hopefully – (re)structure his own life, a pregnant, immigrant woman is washed up by the sea; her boat capsized and she is in a critical condition.

The play, inspired by true events, addresses the issues of immigration and 'illegal immigration', of "illegal life" and the "poaching" of human life.



Pieces, 2011

3 male - 3 female

When We Hid an Angel, 2009

Multiple characters (minimum cast: 5 – 3 male, 2 female)



Images of Reversal


Apart from being a theatre critic, filmmaker and writer, Angeliki Darlasi is also a serious dramatist, wit...