The Last Backgammon Match, 2011

3 male - 3 female

Angela Darlasi

A young woman, Anna, is driving in a country road, looking for a junction that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. After a car-accident she finds herself blindfolded - for her “own shake” - in a small, strange town, where the people live on tourism, love to play backgammon and there are no kids.

Blindfolded as she is, she can’t do anything else but trust them, and soon enough she becomes their captive and the town’s favorite spectacle, for both villagers and tourists.

Anna soon realizes that she knows the towns’ dark secret that no one wants to remember; the loss of the town’s children many years ago. 

When rain starts falling things change and the truth has to be told; the town has to play a final backgammon match in order to survive but, this time, with Anna rolling the dice.

A rather metaphysical, lyric story that was originally written in English for the radio.


Pieces, 2011

3 male - 3 female

When We Hid an Angel, 2009

Multiple characters (minimum cast: 5 – 3 male, 2 female)



Images of Reversal


Apart from being a theatre critic, filmmaker and writer, Angeliki Darlasi is also a serious dramatist, wit...