Four Eyes, 2007

5 male, 3 female

Yiannis Tsiros

In a period of rampant social and state corruption and indifference, the legal mechanisms come into operation when Anna, a young, unemployed girl, steals a lipstick. Her attempt to flee from arrest results in her being further accused of resistance to authority and suffering a gunshot wound in her leg. With Anna’s leg infected by gangrene, her grandfather goes to every authority seeking vindication. A policewoman, a member of the Greek Parliament, a senior judge, a television reporter and their social circles are all involved in this case, confirming their incompetence and the unfathomable chaos of justice. The letter of the law is exhausted, leaving Anna amputated and revealing the vices of the four branches of government.

The play won the Karolos Koun Playwriting Award in 2010.


Wild Seed, 2013

2 male, 1 female

Free Waters, 2012

2 male, 2 female

Invisible Olga, 2009

3 male (6 parts) - 1 female

Four Eyes, 2007

5 male, 3 female

Unshaved Chins, 1996

3 male - 1 female

Misery Lectures, 2014

1 male (monologue)



The Revelatory Realism of Yiannis Tsiros


The dispersing circumstances of the recent decades may have favored...