Invisible Olga, 2009

3 male (6 parts) - 1 female

Yiannis Tsiros

18-year-old O. N., a Bulgarian woman deceived and forced to prostitution in several Greek cities for a two-year period, was sold by her Romanian pimp to A. H. – a Greek – for 4500 Euros. To pay off her new “protector” she was imprisoned for 14 months in an apartment in Athens, having sex with 10-15 clients every day.  After paying her debt in full, she is resold to G. P, a bar owner from Patra. After four years of deferments, her indictments lead her pimp and everyone involved in court, where they were acquitted due to lack of evidence.

The play unfolds in two axes: the first one follows the flow of the story. The second - with centered writing in the middle of the page - captures authentic narrations, apologies and arguments from defense lawyers that were involved in trials for trafficking. The narratives, the apologies and the forensic arguments are derived from court proceedings and texts published in newspapers and the online press; all these have been adapted and undergone dramatic shifts, additions or phrase removals, with the aim and expectation to convey the events without falsifying them. For ethical reasons, the names of those involved and the locations have been altered.


Wild Seed, 2013

2 male, 1 female

Free Waters, 2012

2 male, 2 female

Invisible Olga, 2009

3 male (6 parts) - 1 female

Four Eyes, 2007

5 male, 3 female

Unshaved Chins, 1996

3 male - 1 female

Misery Lectures, 2014

1 male (monologue)



The Revelatory Realism of Yiannis Tsiros


The dispersing circumstances of the recent decades may have favored...