Last Martha, 2003

1 male

Alexis Stamatis

Sakis is an obsessive compulsive middle-aged man who once wanted to become a painter, but ended up working as a guardian at the National Gallery, where, for the last 20 years, he has been watching over Constantine Parthenis’ work of art “The Christ”. He has a disrupted character that lives between the realms of reality and imagination whereas the modern era silence and social loneliness is spreading around.

At a certain moment a haberdasher rents a store just opposite his house. Sakis will impart to him the characteristics of an angel-guardian and will “appoint” him as his guide in life. Their everyday words are construed by Sakis as oracles, as his life guidance.

For some time, the unintentional instructions of the haberdasher act beneficially as regards Sakis, who feels he has at last found a goal in life and a person to guide him. At some moment, however, at the instigation of an unexpected fact, things will result in a tragedy. Now Sakis invites his “guardian-angel” to his house in order to clarify the situation.

The monologue specifically deals with those 50 minutes before the haberdasher’s impending appearance at Sakis’ home, a time period during which the hero addresses him confidentially, commandingly, imploringly until the unexpected end takes place.



Melissia, 2012

3 male – 3 female

Kill your darlings, 2012

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Tear Gas, 2011

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