The Hopeless Lovestruck, 2010

1 male- 5 female

Υiannis Soldatos

In Mytiline, 1934. The Hopeless Lovestruck is being comforted by the Othoman women from the Nikomedia province of Constantinople. A meeting and a conversation between two of Theofilos Chatzimicahil's painting: the "Hopeless Lovestruck" and the "Othoman women from the Nikomedia province of Constantinople".

The creation of the painting is preceded by the creator and all this under the alert gaze of the Mermaid, another painting by Theofilos. The truth, the lie, even the forgery of the forged world is in the centre of the play.

WOMAN A: Who said that the previous painting were original?

WOMAN B: They have a signature.

WOMAN C: Are there few painting bearing a forged signature?

WOMAN A: Who even said that the painter did not tamper with his painting, like Goya did with his naked and dressed Maya, or did not copy his painting, or did not forge his signature. They say Picasso used to, let alone our humble and poor Theofilos...balance and truth elude us.   



Modernity and Fiction in Yiannis Soldatos' theatrical plays

Translation: Elina ...