When Alexandros Papadiamantis met Georgios Vizyenos, 2006

2 male - 2 female

Υiannis Soldatos

(1st title: The Consequences of Old History)

On the first week of his commitment in Dromokaitio -Greek psychiatric clinic- Georgios Vizyenos is visited by Alexandros Papadiamantis. The asylum's frigid background turns into a multi-space of fantastic scenery, to project the soul's mystifying truths, and told or untold stories whose consequences burden catalytically the behaviors of the two men. A psychodrama is set and there, on the verge of sanity and madness, on the verge of faith and disbelief towards any value -both religious, facing the Divine with a different approach-, the holy monsters of our prose, during the unfolding of their stories, rake up libido, suppressed for Papadiamantis, uncontrollably wasted for Vizyenos, and they are lead to a spiritual dimension, so that they can both find refuge from the asylum.

In the end, the monk from Skiathos was hiding an equally disturbed personality, beneath the seemingly peace and holiness, as his fellow artist Vizyenos.

Two women, nurses at Dromokaitio, take upon them the embodiment of the heroines of the two short stories: "Dream on the Wave" and "The Consequences of Old History".

The German Clara and Skiathos' local lord niece, Moschoula.

Within the play's form we encounter elements of the Athenian ethography, of the theatre of the obscene, of the German expressionism, of Gizis' paintings and even elements from the abstract and poetic figures of surrealism. The roles alternate gradually faster, the stories intertwine, the two basic heroes renounce their personalities and their facades and reach a new balance, where the vile ordinariness of life cannot reach them.



Modernity and Fiction in Yiannis Soldatos' theatrical plays

Translation: Elina ...