Edgewise, 2010

3 male – 3 female

Nina Rapi

Edgewise dramatizes the conflicting drives for freedom/belonging and their shadows of isolation/entrapment through a sexual relationship between a brother and a sister in a border town caught in the past while struggling for a future.

«A family of six in a small border town. Dangerous acrobatics. The familial body is dissected without an anaesthetic and is revealed as the pathological mechanisms of petit-bourgeois, rotten and money-lusting New Greek reality. Mother devours food and hopes, trying to live again the dream of her life in the city. Father is desperately grasping meanings from famous quotations, when everything around him is decomposing - caught up in a compulsive brother-sister relationship, unequipped for his parental and personal challenges. Father’s Sister wastes time and energy, repressing her sexual desire for her brother. She is holding on neurotically to her role of House Keeper, living vicariously through others, becoming effectively the mental perpetrator of their actions. 

And the three children? The Oldest Son bears the mark of the outcast, the failed immigrant, the desperate lover. The Daughter, suspended between an apolitical romanticism and iron determination, nullifies the last taboo upon which the concept of family is built. She shatters the empty shell within which she grew up. The Youngest Son abides by the system’s beliefs in their most raw but pure form, knowing almost by instinct that the only narrative left is that of money. They are walking on a tightrope, on the limits of self, illegal immigrants of the dominant model of success and happiness.                                   

Nina Rapi creates her own fascinating, multi-layered world and brings to light the social, existential and ultimately political impasse of a society in total, protracted crisis. Our crisis.» Eleftheria Raptou


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2 female – 2 male

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3 female – 3 male – 1 either

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1 male – 4 female

Edgewise, 2010

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Nina Rapi is one of the very few Greek playwrights whose writing pursuits commenced abroad. Her works include 18 plays written within the last 25 y...